Microsoft will release its own browser for macOS from Apple

Microsoft’s branded browser in the very near future expects a “restart” – the application will receive a new icon in which for the first time in 20 years the letter “e” will not be used, and Microsoft Edge will appear not only on Windows operating systems, but also on “ the enemy ”macOS.

The browser release is scheduled for January 15, 2020. At the same time, importantly, Microsoft in December 2018 officially announced that the company will abandon its own web-engine and switch to Chromium. Thus, the company, in fact, announced a completely new product that will only resemble the previous Edge only – under the hood, the new browser has a completely different structure. It is also worth noting that since April 2019, absolutely everyone could test the browser, and at the moment the company has introduced a full-fledged pre-release version of a new native browser.

Recall that Microsoft Edge replaced the ancient Internet Explorer in the latest version of Windows – Windows 10. Initially, the company planned to build a new development based on its own technologies, including the proprietary web engine, but ultimately came to the conclusion that it was much more productive will take advantage of existing developments. So, thanks to a change in the engine, Microsoft’s browser is able to

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