Google has stopped supporting its Pixel smartphones

If you own the smartphones of the first Pixel and Pixel XL series, released in 2016, then Google has prepared an unpleasant surprise for you – the company ceases to support these models. This means that users of these mobile devices will not have access to further Android updates.

Google has officially confirmed that the first-generation Pixel smartphones will not receive the November update, but the final update, which will be released in December 2019, “includes many important additions” and combines both the November and upcoming December fixes.

Of course, this does not mean that you need to stop using the phone. Refusal of support of Google does not mean that smartphones will be disconnected from the services of the search giant or they will be limited in any way in functionality. Pixel and Pixel XL will simply stop receiving the latest security updates and new versions of Android. For example, Android 10 is the latest major software update that will be available for these mobile devices.

The official first-generation Pixel support period lasted about three years. This approach is a very generous gift from Google, as smartphones from other manufacturers stop releasing updates much earlier.

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