Amazone has sold a record number of seeders

The history of seed drills begins in 1947, when engineer Heinrich Dreyer, together with Kademann, invented the first D1 seeder with a 2 m grip width, which was equipped with an innovative Elite seed drill for fine seed and traditional sowing.

And in 2018, Amazone closed the financial year with a record turnover of € 481 million. Compared to last year’s figure (€ 457 million), there was a 5.3% increase.

Recall that at Agritechnica 2019 Amazone received three silver awards for innovation:

· EasyMix, which is part of the new Amazon mySpreader

· AmaSelect Row, through which Amazone offers all machines with AmaSelect nozzles the ability to remotely switch from continuous processing to line spraying;

· Nevonex powered by Bosch, developed in conjunction with eight partners.

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